Wang Wen【BBC Interview】:Taiwan Election, which is just a local election of China, cannot change the final result of reunification


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Wang Wen【BBC Interview】:Taiwan Election, which is just a local election of China, cannot change the final result of reunification


Source: BBC    Published: 2024-01-13

Host: Let's get more analysis on the results so that we've seen today here in Taiwan. And let's speak with Wang Wen. He's a former Chief Opinion Editor at Global Times, and is now professor and Executive Dean of Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies at Renmin University of China. Wang Wen, thanks for your time today. And what do you think China's reaction will be to this victory by William Lai?

Wang Wen: Actually, I think it's a local election of China. So that's why I think China mainland is very, very calm. In fact, I think the Taiwan policy in China mainland will not change at least 3 points. First, China must be reunified, and it is bound to be reunified. No strength and can split China. Second, we want to reunify peacefully, but do not promise to give up force. Forces are to curb Taiwan independence, not for the people of Taiwan. It can be said to a certain extent that without Taiwan independence, there will be no reunification by force. Third, I think Taiwan independence is more rampant in the coming 4 years, the process of using military forces to promote reunification will be faster. I think no one or any force can make Taiwan independence.

Host: Just to come back on that we've seen today, sort of democracy in action here in Taiwan, Free and fair elections, a transparent process of democracy. Does China really have a claim over Taiwan?

Wang Wen: I think you call the democracy, but in China eyes, it's a very typical local election. For the result, I think everything is expected. In fact, I would not be surprised by any result, cause nowadays, we all know the DPP continues to be in power, but the political structure on the island will not form a significant impact on the stability of cross-strait relations. Maybe in the future, there may be storms, or there may be cooperation. But as I said, they are just processes, and the final result cannot be changed. That is the final cross-strait reunification. So let me look the future. If the DPP provokes on Taiwan independence, there are many ways to fight back in China mainland. If DPP dare to announce 'Taiwan independence', then I think the result can only be 'reunified by force'. And DPP leaders are eventually arrested and face legal trial.

Host: You call them local election, but that's not how it's seen here in Taiwan. In fact, the Taiwanese identity, as we've seen, and we've spoken to our guests here throughout the day here, only seems to be growing. The a more China friendly KMT party seems to be doing worse as there seems to be a stronger, a rise in sentiment here in Taiwan to be a more independent even if they are not pushing verbally for independence in the short term.

Wang Wen: I think if you ask a Chinese ordinary people, I think most of the ordinary people in China mainland nowadays we have very low attention to Taiwan elections, because we really think it's a local election. So if you ask those netizen, I think many of the Chinese netizen in mainland, they want to solve problems with force, but most of Chinese mainland people, they believe that the central government is capable of better realizing peaceful reunification. I think the problem is that you called the democracy, but it's differences of the ideology. I think in the future, we must take longer time. We need to prevent such ideological, external factors in the variance. For example, as you said, so called democracy, all the United States are in the barriers. I think another thing we all know that since the San Francisco meeting in November, China- US relations have remained stable. And the US has repeatedly announced to oppose 'Taiwan independence'. So I think also, China nowadays proposed to the United States supporting peaceful reunification. At present, time stands on China mainland. Most Chinese people believe that in the near future, cross-strait will be reunified. We trusted.

Host: The definition of Taiwan has a different interpretation from China that it has here on the island from what I've seen, but thank you very much for your time today. Wang wen is a former Chief Opinion Editor at Global Times and currently at the Renmin University of China.