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Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies at Renmin University of China (RDCY) was established on January 19th, 2013. It is the main funding program that Shanghai Chongyang Investment Group Co., Ltd. donated to Renmin University of China and established the education fund to operate.

As a new type of think tank with Chinese characteristics, RDCY invited dozens of former politicians, bankers and renowned scholars from all over the world as senior fellows, aiming at focusing on reality, advising the country and serving the people. At present, RDCY consists of 7 departments and operates 4 research centers (the Center for Eco-Financial Studies, Global Governance Research Center, China-US People-to-People Exchange Research Center, and China-Russia People-to-People Exchange Research Center). In recent years, RDCY has gained high recognition at home and abroad in the research fields of financial development, global governance, great power relations and macro policies.

    Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies has established a stable cooperation mechanism with major think tanks in more than 40 countries. It has undertaken related activities in more than 20 countries including the United States, Brazil, the United Kingdom, and Iran. It actively acted in line with China’s public diplomacy.

Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies is the new form of think tank with Chinese characteristics that is best at speaking out opinions overseas. It has published or accepted interviews hundreds of times by the New York Times, the Globe and Mail in Canada, the Financial Times, and Russia Today. In particular, in 2020, RDCY took the lead in publishing "Open Letters from Chinese Scholars to All Circles of American Society" and "Rejection of the New Cold War" global initiative in the well-known journal The Diplomat, which has an international audience of hundreds of millions.

Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies has also set up a new type of think tank with Chinese characteristics that has the most complete new media operations. From the official Chinese and English website, WeChat, Weibo, Bilibili, Toutiao to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., there are more than 20 platforms in the Chinese and English all-media matrix, attracting more than 3 million fans worldwide.

In the list of major global and domestic think tanks, Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies is firmly ranked among China’s first-line think tanks, including the “Top 150 Global Think Tanks”, the most influential “Belt and Road” university think tanks, the top 100 university think tanks A++, the world’s most influential think tanks, the top 90 global university think tanks , the Chinese think tank of the Year, and the Top 40 think tanks in 40 years of reform and opening up", etc.

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