The Trend of China's Reform


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The Trend of China's Reform


This book straightly analyses reforms of China in the new era and illustrates major issues which ask for resolution as well as the overarching trend of reform. With regard to reforms, the content involves a host of thoughts and work ahead about how can we promote financial restructuring amid a buildup of risks, provide effective remedies for enterprise to ease anxiety of market, carry out supply-side structural reforms as innovation mounts, win the war of ecological conservation without imposing one single solution, revitalize rural areas by overcoming rural problems, facilitate income equality through narrowing the gap between the poor and wealthy, enhance our discourse influence in the international stage to resist western slander, make a proper balance between exports and imports to secure a normal trading environment, and achieve governance modernization within the context of “social revolution”.

Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies at Renmin University of China (RDCY) was established on January 19th, 2013. It is the main program supported by an education fund with the 200 million RMB donation from Mr Qiu Guogen, an alumni of Renmin University of China, and now Chairman of Shanghai Chongyang Investment Group Co., Ltd. As a new style think tank with Chinese characteristics, RDCY has invited 96 former politicians, bankers, and preeminent scholars from over 10 countries as senior fellows and maintain cooperation with think tanks from over 30 countries.

RDCY has been designated as the joint coordinating think tank by the Chinese government for the T20 2016 Summit, the secretariat of Green Finance Committee (GFC) of China Society of Finance and Banking, the executive director of the Chinese Think Tank Cooperation Alliance for the “Belt and Road”, and the leading think tank to jointly build “Belt and Road” through the cooperation of the official and academic organizations between China and Iran. Since 2014, RDCY has been thrice ranked among the "150 top think tanks in the world" in the most internationally-recognized Global Go To Think Tank Index Report, which were launched by the University of Pennsylvania, and only seven Chinese think tanks were selected continuously in the past three years.