The G20 and China


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The G20 and China




This book presents a comprehensive discussion on the origin and functions, agenda-setting role, mechanism construction and main missions of the G20, as well as the global realities the current G20 system faces. Reflecting on the historical backdrop and basic concept of global economic governance, it explores and deliberates on the topics of the G20 global governance operations and relations between the G20 and China in 2016.





CHAPTER 1 Origin and Function of the G20

 Birth of the G20

 The G20 in the Evolution of the Global Economic Order

 History of the G20 Summits--From 2008 to 2015

 The G20 in the Globalization Process

CHAPTER 2 The G20 Agenda

 The G20`s International Financial System Reforms

 The G20 Development Agenda

 The G20 Trade Agenda

 The G20 Agenda on Financing for Investment

 The G20 Agenda on Infrastructure

CHAPTER 3 The G20 Mechanism

 The G20 in Global Governance Reorganization

 How to Strengthen the G20 Institutions

 Reforms of the SDR--The New Framework Provided by the G20

 Cooperation between the G20 and the UN on the "Post-2015 Agenda"

 Challenges Confronting the G20 Mechanism and Its Responses

CHAPTER 4 The G20 Mission--Growth and Cooperation

 Efforts to Revitalize the Global Economy and Several Structural Conundrums

 G20`s New Contributions to Global Economic Growth

 The New Goal to "Lift by at Least an Additional Two Percent"

 Global Growth and Interconnectedness

CHAPTER 5 The International Situation Confronting the G20

 Explosive Growth of Financial Derivatives and the Challenges of Governance

 International Currencies Entering an Age of "Plural Competition"

 The Tortuous Path of IMF Reform and Competition in the International


 Global Economy--Structural Adjustment and the Rise of China

CHAPTER 6 2016 G20 Summit--The China Moment

 The 2015 G20 Antalya Summit--Achievements and Goals

 Taking over the "Baton" of G20--the China Voice at Antalya

 The 2016 G20 China Theme--Building an Innovative, Invigorating, Interactive

 and Inclusive World Economy

Situation Facing the 2016 Chinese G20 Presidency

Writing the "Chinese Pre1111ions" for Global Governance





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