【2021-7-10】Launch of the book “China’s Great Road”


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【2021-7-10】Launch of the book “China’s Great Road”


On Saturday 10 July there will be the launch of the book China’s Great Road by John Ross. Speakers will include Vijay Prashad, Radhika Desai, Tings Chak, Dai Suyue, Joshua Jackson, Kenny Coyle, Carlos Martinez and John Ross.

China’s Great Road expands and deepens many of the analyses published on the Learning from China website. In particular it analyses why China achieved the fastest economic growth in human history, how it lifted 853 million people from World Bank defined poverty, how it achieved the fastest increase in living standards in any major country. It shows why China is a socialist country and not a capitalist one.

The book launch will be at 14:00 British time, 09:00 Eastern Standard Time, and 19:00 China time.

The meeting is sponsored by Learning from China, the Morning Star, Friends of Socialist China and the Geopolitical Economy Research Group.

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About this event

Please join us in conversation to celebrate the launch of China’s Great Road; Lessons for Marxist Theory and Socialist Practices by author and economist John Ross.

China’s Great Road features ten articles by Ross published between the years 2010 and 2021, all of which provide a clear analysis of China’s economic and foreign relations policies over the past decades. More importantly, Ross’ writing cuts through Western propaganda and directly addresses China’s socialist project, its history and growth, and what could be possible for future socialist countries around the world.

The launch is being jointly organised by the Morning Star, Tricontinental Institute, Geopolitical Economy Research Group, Learning from China, and Friends of Socialist China.


John Ross

Vijay Prashad (Executive Director, Tricontinental Institute)

Su Yue (Senior editor, Guancha.cn)

Tings Chak (Lead Designer/Researcher at Tricontinental Institute)

Radhika Desai (Director, Geopolitical Economy Research Group)

Kenny Coyle (Editor, Praxis press)

Joshua Jackson (Political activist, Britain)

Chair: Carlos Martinez (Co-editor, Friends of Socialist China)